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' within a range from 1 degree to 30 degrees, and properly control the humidity and nutrition. We will use a▓ tube to direct the natural light on the surface of Moon into the tin to make the plants grow," said Xie Gengxin, ch▓ief designer of the experiment."We ▓want to study the respiration of the seeds and the photosynthesis on the Moon," said Liu."Why pot▓ato and arabidopsis? Because the growth peri▓od of arabidopsis is short and

sity, said s

convenient to observe. And potato could become a ▓major source of food for future space travelers," said Liu. "O

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t help accumulat

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ilding a lunar bas

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e and ▓long-term residence on the Moon."The public, especially young people, are being encouraged to participate in the Chang'e-4 mission. The Chin▓a National Space Administration

anges from l

(CNSA) launched a contest among students across China▓ in 2016, collecting ideas on the de▓sign of the payloads.The "lunar mini biosp▓here" experiment was selected from more than

gher than 10
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